Wordpress Akismet XSS Vulnerability

Wordpress Akismet XSS Vulnerability

If you run Worpdress and Akismet please see this post from our friends at Wordfence.


20th Oct 2015
Using Infinite WP Admin?

Wordpress InfiniteWP Admin panel has multiple vunerabilities upgrade immediately if using.From Wordfence:"About an hour ago a researcher from the Netherlands disclosed multiple serious vulnerabilities in the InfiniteWP Admin Panel. This panel is used to manage multiple WordPress sites and appears to be used by over 300,000 customers. The ... Read More »

10th Dec 2014
"Shell Shock" Bash Bug - All PAC servers are patched

We would like to inform you that all PAC servers have been patched for the so called "Shell Shock" bash bug in Linux.If you have a dedicated server or cloud virtual server (VPS) then PAC have also patched your servers, there have been a handful that we have been unable due to the login details held not working if you have updated them, in these ... Read More »

26th Sep 2014
Autumn Website Hosting Offer

Autumn Website Hosting Offer - Please see our blog post for more details https://www.pacwebhosting.co.uk/blog/autumn-website-hosting-offer/

PAC Web Hosting

22nd Sep 2014
Claim your reserved .uk domain name

Claim your reserved .uk domain name today.

Simply visit our page setup specifically for this purpose.

Click HERE to claim your reserved .UK domain name

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26th Aug 2014
.uk the new shorter, sharper domain has arrived!

Now, for the first time, you will be able to register a website with just the .uk – no .co required!

Read more about how to register a .uk domain on our blog post


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10th Jun 2014
10% Off new products/services for life

Would you like a 10% discount voucher? simply follow our instructions here


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9th Jun 2014
New .uk domain registrations

Nominet are releasing a new domain extension .UK on the 10th of June 2014New .UK domain available from the 10th of June 2014From the 10th of June new .UK domain registrations will be available here Register a .uk domainPlease note if the .uk domain you are attempting to register already exists as a .co.uk .me.uk .org.uk .me.uk .net.uk .ltd.uk ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2014
Backup Wordpress to Dropbox for Free!

Backup Wordpress to Dropbox for Free!, We have a new blog post that details exactly how to do this, it's easy to do and all here http://www.pacwebhosting.co.uk/blog/backup-wordpress-to-dropbox-using-updraft/

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16th May 2014
Welcome to our new blog!

We now have a blog that will steadily be crammed full of useful articles and information to help you get the most out of your hosting and domain names

You can find it here http://www.pacwebhosting.co.uk/blog/ or by clicking PAC Blog from our website menu

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10th May 2014